pygccxml package

Python CastXML or GCC-XML front end.

This package provides functionality to extract and inspect declarations from C/C++ header files. This is accomplished by invoking an external tool like CastXML or GCC-XML, which parses a header file and dumps the declarations as a XML file. This XML file is then read by pygccxml and the contents are made available as appropriate Python objects.

To parse a set of C/C++ header files you use the parse function in the :mod:parser sub package which returns a tree that contains all declarations found in the header files. The root of the tree represents the main namespace :: and the children nodes represent the namespace contents such as other namespaces, classes, functions, etc. Each node in the tree is an object of a type derived from the declaration_t class. An inner node is always either a namespace declarations.namespace_t or a class declarations.class_t, which are both derived from declarations.scopedef_t class. Everything else (free functions, member functions, enumerations, variables, etc.) are always a leaf. You will find all those declaration classes in the :mod:declarations sub-package.