Download & Install

Prerequisite: CastXML

CastXML needs to be installed on your system.

  1. If you are on linux or mac, your package manager may already provide a “castxml” package.
  2. You can download pre-compiled binaries for Linux, for OS X and for Windows.
  3. You can compile CastXML from source, either with the SuperBuild, or by following the full install instructions .

Installation of pygccxml

You can use pip to install pygccxml:

pip install pygccxml

To install from source, you can use the usual procedure:

python install

GCC-XML (Legacy)

These instructions are only here for historical reasons. GCC-XML was the tool used to generate the xml files before CastXML existed.

From version v1.8.0 on, pygccxml uses CastXML by default. The support for GCC-XML will finally be dropped in pygccxml v2.0.0.

There are few different ways to install GCC-XML on your system:

  1. Most Linux system provide the “gccxml” package through their package manager.
  2. See the instructions to install GCC-XML from source.