History and Credits


The original author and maintainer for pygccxml was Roman Yakovenko (2004-2011).

Holger Frydrych forked the project to work on python 3 support. Finally, Mark Moll forked the project a second time to carry on the work of porting the code to python 3 (keeping it compatible with python 2).

In Mai 2014, Michka Popoff and the Insight Software Consortium revived pygccxml by setting up a git repositery on GitHub, hosted along with gccxml.

The full changelog can be found in the CHANGELOG.md file.


Thanks to all the people that have contributed patches, bug reports and suggestions, or supported this project.

  • Roman Yakovenko (original author)
  • Michka Popoff (actual maintainer)

A special thanks to the Insight Software Consortium for their help and collaboration, especially:

  • Brad King
  • Matt Mccormick

Contributors can be found on github’s contributors page: https://github.com/gccxml/pygccxml/graphs/contributors

Here is the original list of contributors from before the GitHub migration.

  • Roman Yakovenko’s wife - Yulia
  • Mark Moll
  • Holger Frydrych
  • John Pallister
  • Matthias Baas
  • Allen Bierbaum
  • Georgiy Dernovoy
  • Darren Garnier
  • Gottfried Ganssauge
  • Gaetan Lehmann
  • Martin Preisler
  • Miguel Lobo
  • Jeremy Sanders
  • Ben Schleimer
  • Gustavo Carneiro
  • Christopher Bruns
  • Alejandro Dubrovsky
  • Aron Xu